Spa Cover Care Tips


Often underappreciated, the spa cover offers a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your hot tub. Preventing heat loss is crucial to keeping your hot tub economic to run, should cracks appear the insulating properties of the cover become reduced while your energy bills go in the opposite direction.

Over time a cover can deteriorate, which naturally reduces its effectiveness. With good care, there is no reason why you wouldn’t benefit from 3 to 5 years of use. Here are our recommendations for keeping your hot tub cover in great shape.

Clean the Spa Cover

Mould forming on spa cover.

Twice monthly remove the cover and wipe the entire surface of with a specialized cover cleaner. Only a few squirts are required, wiping clear in a circular motion using a damp, clean cloth.

To guard against those moist, musty like odours create a mixture of 1 part bleach to 9 parts hot water and wipe the underside of the cover. This will help kill off any mould and bacteria forming where the condensed water lies on the underside of the cover.

Use Cover Protecting Spray


To maintain the shine on your cover and keep it looking new, apply a protectant every couple of months. We recommend 303 aerospace as it dries fully in a relatively short space of time and leaves the vinyl and rubber surfaces looking like new, which is why it’s perfect for spa cover treatment.

Unseal to Freshen the Foam

The foam panels of your spa cover are the “core” of any spa cover, providing a sturdy, yet lightweight barrier to protect against heat loss. Periodically, remove the foam lining from the cover and leave in the sun to naturally dry. Removing moisture from the foam not only prevents the mildew odours, it keeps your cover nice and light.

Repair Spa Cover Tears & Damage

Seal any tears to maintain the vinyl surface

For a number of reasons the vinyl casing of the cover can tear, including pesky pets and birds. A torn hot tub cover doesn’t mean the end of it as long as it is swiftly repaired. Simple solutions include using a good quality duct tape, but for a more permanent fix, we recommend using a vinyl sealant like HH-66 that can offer greater water resistance to preserve the covers core.

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