Much like a vehicle, hot tubs require service, maintenance and cleaning to ensure good working order. Over time, internal components can suffer from a build-up of dirt, filters become clogged, the water in which you bathe becomes infected with germs and bacteria. With the right treatment, however, your hot tub can provide safe, year-round enjoyment for all the family. 

Our packages have been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of hot tub owners, so whether you’re looking to bring a neglected hot tub back into service, or for a quick water and filter change over, we’ve got the maintenance package for you.

Take a look at what we can offer you below. Should you be looking for something bespoke, simply get in touch and we’ll provide a quote within 24 hours. 


Recommended every 3 months
Water Change?
Chemical Treatment?
Filter Clean?
The perfect annual service
Water Change
Chemical Treatment
Full System Flush
New Filter?
Shell Steam Clean?
The ultimate spa cleaning service
Water Change
Chemical Treatment
Overnight Flush?
New Filter
Shell Steam Clean
Shell Polish?
Full Internal Inspection?

how to book a hot tub cleaning service


Winterize your hot tub

Many hot tub owners prefer to hibernate their spas over the winter period. 

We’ll drain, treat and clean your hot tub and carry out a full pipework inspection. Unions will be loosened to ensure freezing temperatures do not cause any damage.

The winterize service ensures your hot tub remains in great condition come the 

recommission in spring

If you hibernated your spa for the winter or you feel it deserves a good clean before you get back to using it again, our hot tub Spring clean service is ideal for you

Our team will carry out a thorough cleanse and inspection of the spa, before refilling it with fresh water and balancing this with the correct chemical formulae.

Once we’ve polished the shell it will look as like the day you got it, all ready for the fun times ahead.



cleaning care plans

Many hot tub owners outsource the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of their spa to They trust us to provide a

Whether it’s a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly arrangement, we can provide the complete ongoing maintenance service for your hot tub.

Run a hot tub holiday rental? We offer spa cleaning services to lodge owners who want to keep occupants safe and comply with strict health and safety guidelines.


A full water change included in every package

This is the most vital element of hot tub maintenance. We can do this in one of 2 ways, either by connecting a garden hose to your drain plug or using a pump, which is much quicker.

Once the tub has been refilled with fresh water we’ll carry out PH tests and water balancing to ensure that it is safe and healthy to bathe in.

We clean or replace filters to ensure they're working effectively

A filter clean involves isolating the filter cartridge and spraying down all areas with a proven chemical formula. Once left for the required period of time, a full rinse with clean water is performed to return the filter to a condition where it is effective again.

A full system flush kills off any bacteria lurking within the unit

A full system flush ensures that all the pipework is thoroughly cleansed to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Our Platinum package includes the most thorough system flush, a 24-hour cycle. This commences on the day of your hot tub service and we return the following day to complete the flush. 

High quality cleaning products & chemicals trusted by the professionals

We only use cleaning equipment and treatment chemicals that are the highest grade products on the market, recommended by the professionals.

Protect your investment for years to come

Annual hot tub servicing along with quarterly water changes and filter cleaning go a long way in prolonging the life of your spa. Our affordable packages are designed to help you keep your hot tub running safely throughout the year.


Our friendly team of spa experts are here to keep your hot tub running smoothly. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.