Hot Tub Clean in Halifax

A recent hot tub service brought our team to the beautiful village of Barkisland on the outskirts of Halifax to tend to a tired American imported Jacuzzi. The owner was reluctant to use the spa due to its poor condition from lack of use and general care over the last 12 months. He contacted CleanMyHotTub to book his garden gadget in for the platinum package. Scroll down to see the before and after transformation.


American hot to prior to spa clean

On arrival the size of the task became aparent. The tub was lined with leaves and debris that had fallen into the footwell. The water within the tub has been left for over 6 months and therefore became stagnant and discoloured due to the growth of bacteria.

Disused hot tub with leaves and dirt waiting to be cleaned.

With little time to waste our team set about rejuvenating this fantastic garden gadget.

The Cleaning Process

Firstly the existing water required draining. This then allowed us to carry out a wet and dry vacuum of the external body of the spa, removing the leaves and dirt which had built up during the long periods of inactivity.

Hot tub water cycling in process. Foam created through the motion of the water.

Once refilled, we then began a process of cycling the water. The blue hose drains the water from the spa while the yellow hose consistently adds fresh water. Cleaning chemicals are added to the hot tub and the spa jets are activated, which helps to flush the internal system. The motion created by the air jets causes the water to foam as seen in the photo above.

Entire surface of the shell is thoroughly cleaned.

This process is undertaken for several hours which enables the chemicals to work through all the internal pipework and dissolve the build-up of dirt. As the spa cover had tears, it caused the foam core to become damp and sodden with dirt. Usually we’re able to repair and clean a spa cover but in this case, it required a new one to be fit. A new filter was added to the spa and the water was drained fully once more spa to that the air jets could be cleaned and the shell could be thoroughly polished to return the entire surface to a gleaming, inviting spa once again.


Hot tub returned to ‘as new’ condition.

Once the cleaning process was completed it was a matter of refilling for the final time and balancing the water with the correct level of sanitiser. This helps to keep the condition of the water optimal, although it is an ongoing task for the owner to maintain the required levels. We often provide training and guidance to spa owners to make them aware of the responsibilities involved in keeping the water healthy. This not only provides a safer environment for enjoyment, it also prolongs the period in which a hot tub service would be required.

Crystal clear water glimmering in the polished shell.

Another successful project for If you’re interested in having your hot tub returned how great it looked on the day you bought it, contact our team today to learn more about our hot tub cleaning services.

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