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The team at CleanMyHotTub recently undertook the servicing of a fantastic 50th Year Anniversary Jacuzzi hot tub in Sheffield. The owner contacted us as it had been a while since his spa has last had a professional clean and like all our customers wanted to return his pride and joy back to its former glory.


Jacuzzi hot tub with brown water colouration and heavily foamed.

When we arrived the hot tub was filled and operational. There was a distinct brown colouration to the water and the surface was heavily foamed. Due to a long period since its last fresh fill, the water had become stagnant and not advisable to bathe in. Within minutes of arrival, we opened up this lovely spa and commenced a thorough cleaning and inspection service.


As part of the platinum hot tub cleaning package our full-scale spa treatment takes place over 2 days. The extra time allows us to perform an overnight flush of the internal system, completing killing any bacteria and nasties that can build up in the pipework and unions of the spa. This is the most effective treatment and is the one we recommend those looking for an annual service.

Upon draining the existing water the surface of the spa is completely sanitised with specialised cleaning products. All unions and air jets are thoroughly cleansed and we vacuum the internal compartment to remove the build-up of leaves, dirt and debris.

The condition of filter media determines the effectiveness of the filtration system. The existing filter was isolated and rinsed before leaving to chemical soak overnight to completely remove the layers of hair, oils and dirt that restrict its performance. Following the soak, the filter is then thoroughly rinsed to ensure its safe to return to the spa.

The End Result

A shell polish produced fantastic shining results – like new!

Owing to the shell polish we were able to return the shell to a bright glossy finish that the owner hadn’t experienced since the hot tub was was new. To complete the spa service we filled the tub with fresh water and carefully balanced and sanitised the spa for optimal conditions. With ongoing care, this is the best way to prepare a hot tub for providing healthy environment for relaxation.

Fresh water and a fully clean system makes for a healthy hot tub

If you’re considering a cleaning and maintenance service for your hot tub, don’t hesitate to follow Liam’s footsteps and contact the experts today.

Hi Mark, everything looks great. I didn’t know it could get so clean! Thank you very much.

Liam, Sheffield

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