Aegean Hot Tub Service in Wakefield


A couple in Wakefield wanted to restore their beloved Aegean hot tub to former beauty. Having not been operated in over a year, the LPS model had accumulated a fair amount of dirt and garden debris. This former best selling UK hot tub required a deep clean to ensure that future use is safe and healthy. Continue to discover how we gave Mr and Mrs Smith a hot tub they could be proud to own.

Flush out the dirt

As with most of our projects, one of the important first steps to restoring a dirty hot tub is giving the full system a powerful flush. In this case we encountered an early problem, the long period of inactivity had caused a power issue. Once the electrical issues were addressed, we could utilise the spas air jets to circulate our the highly specialised bacteria killing formulae through the Aegean’s entire body.

Loosening the trapped dirt

This process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the spa.

Drain and rinse with fresh water

The flushing process results in a great amount of foam and dirt. This is then emptied and replaced with clean water to rinse the system before being drain once again so that the team can get to work on cleaning the shell surface.

Fresh water to rinse away the chemical foam.

One important aspect of this is to carefully remove any dirt trapped around the rims of the air jets. Each of the 12 primary and 24 secondary rotational air jets were individually cleaned and polished.

Final polish and fill

By now the entire internal surface is restored to its glimmering best. A new pleated hot tub filter is installed to allow for maximum filtration and the internal pipework has been vacuumed to remove potentially harmful build up of dirt, leaves and other garden matter.

Ready to enjoy again.

Is your spa in need of the CleanMyHotTub treatment? If so drop us a message and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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