Hot Tub Service in Rotherham


A visit to Maltby in Rotherham saw the CleanMyHotTub team perform a routine service on a 5-year-old hot tub. The owner wanted to give his spa the perfect clean down going into the winter period where plans for its use over New Year had been made.

Learn more about our cleaning process and how we restored this Rotherham hot tub to former glory.

Foam Flush


On arrival, a spa cleaner is added into the water and the jetting system is powered on. This allows the cleaner to circulate through the spa to reach all areas of the pipeworks, lifting dirt and bacteria off the surfaces. Once complete the hot tub is then drained so that each of the seats, headrests and footwells can be thoroughly cleansed. The entire surface is pressure washed before the tub is refilled to complete the flush cycle.

Drain & Vacuum


Another drain allows us to polish the shell to restore its natural shine. Once completed the final stage involves a vacuum to ensure that no dirt remains once fresh water is added to the spa. The side panels of the spa are then removed so that the internal components can be vacuumed and cleaned. Dirt is likely to build up internally too which can cause problems if left to build.

Fresh Fill & New Filter


Because this hot tub hadn’t had a filter change in over 2 years we replaced with new. Usually, we’re able to clean the hot tub filter to improve its effectiveness, however, in this instance a new filter was more viable.

If you own a spa and would like to discuss the cleaning packages available from please contact us today.

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